Hijack Management and Records is an Anglo-Scandinavian music management company and Indie label with a dual basis in London and Stockholm. The company is trifunctional in its capacity to manage bands, release records and promote live music events. However, its raison d’etre is to sponsor the development of talented artists as we are in the course of doing with both the ‘Monotypes’ and ‘The Dandelions’, our two signed bands. Over the past year the company has actively licensed music to hit US TV shows such as Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars and The Loop and has also obtained airplay on renowned radio stations BBC 6Music and XFM. ‘The Dandelions’ new breed of post-Hives garage rock was seen as ideal by Volvo for their US flagship campaign. This growing level of exposure has caused ripples on both sides of the Atlantic and has generated sustained interest and a devout underground following amongst America’s youth. Carefully selected tours of mainland Europe and the UK have further enhanced both groups reputation as impressive live bands. The aim now is establish a stronger foothold globally. To this end we are constantly in search of international licensing opportunities.

Michelle Mian
Co-manager, UK

Motto: Always aim high if you don’t want to piss on your shoes
Janne Grinde
Co-manager, Sweden

Motto: If you’re not the lead dog, you’ll always be looking up someone else’s arse

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